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Check out Pastor Mike's series encouraging believers in becoming true members of the New Testament Christian Church, and impacting the world as we were meant to: Without Fear, Without Compromise! What Church are you attending?!

Do you go to Church? Do you attend worship services? It's time Christians LIVED what they preached and praised! This study will challenge believers to see the word "Church" as an action verb. We will see what Church was to the first disciples, then see that it should be the same to contemporary disciples. So if your fed up with dead "Churchianity", get fired up by the Word of God, and filled with the Spirit of God as we apply the principles of the Church of Acts to our church lives today!

The status-quo is no longer acceptable "for it is time to seek the Lord"!

The Church of Acts

Challenge yourself to be a committed member of the Spirit-filled,

Gospel Empowered Church of Acts, TODAY! 

Part 1: "Where It All Begins"

Presented on September 18, 2011

Acts 1:14

Where It All Begins (Acts 1).mp3 Where It All Begins (Acts 1).mp3
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Type : mp3

Part 2: "They Were All Filled"

Presented on September 25, 2011

Acts 2:4

Part 3: "The Spirit And The Gospel"

Presented on October 2, 2011

Acts 2:5-41
The Spirit And The Gospel (10-2-11).wma The Spirit And The Gospel (10-2-11).wma
Size : 23472.128 Kb
Type : wma

Part 4: "Steadfast In Conduct"

Presented on October 9, 2011

Acts 2:42-47
Steadfast In Conduct (10-9-11).wma Steadfast In Conduct (10-9-11).wma
Size : 23323.046 Kb
Type : wma

Part 5: "What Christians Do"

Presented on October 16, 2011

Acts 3:1-10
What Christians Do (10-16-11).wma What Christians Do (10-16-11).wma
Size : 23016.112 Kb
Type : wma

Part 6: "Gospel Power!"

Presented on October 23, 2011

Acts 3
Gospel Power (10-23-11).wma Gospel Power (10-23-11).wma
Size : 21441.981 Kb
Type : wma

Part 7: "The Witness Of The Church"

Presented on October 30, 2011

Acts 4
The Witness Of The Church (10-30-11).wma The Witness Of The Church (10-30-11).wma
Size : 21358.671 Kb
Type : wma

Part 8: "Bold Prayer!"

Presented on November 6, 2011

Acts 4
The Boldness Of The Gospel (11-6-11).wma The Boldness Of The Gospel (11-6-11).wma
Size : 28510.224 Kb
Type : wma

Part 9: "Mega Grace!" (Partial)

Presented on November 13, 2011

Acts 4

Mega Grace (11-13-11).wma Mega Grace (11-13-11).wma
Size : 14790.292 Kb
Type : wma

Part 10: "How To Lie To The Holy Spirit"

Presented on November 27, 2011

Acts 5

How To Lie To The Holy Spirit (11-27-11).wma How To Lie To The Holy Spirit (11-27-11).wma
Size : 25361.962 Kb
Type : wma

 Part 11: "What's A Deacon?"

Presented on December 4, 2011

Acts 6
What's A Deacon (12-4-11).wma What's A Deacon (12-4-11).wma
Size : 24379.774 Kb
Type : wma

 Part 12: "You're A Christian? Prove It!"

Presented on December 11, 2011

Acts 6
You're A Christian, Prove It (12-11-11).wma You're A Christian, Prove It (12-11-11).wma
Size : 25905.673 Kb
Type : wma
 Part 13: "The Love Of Jesus"

Presented on December 18, 2011

Acts 8
The Love Of Jesus (12-18-11).wma The Love Of Jesus (12-18-11).wma
Size : 18596.269 Kb
Type : wma
 Part 14: "The Power Of The Holy Spirit"

Presented On January 15, 2012

Acts 8
The Power Of The Holy Spirit (1-15-12).wma The Power Of The Holy Spirit (1-15-12).wma
Size : 22726.718 Kb
Type : wma

 Part 15: "Suffering For Jesus"

Presented On January 22, 2012

Acts 9
Suffering For Jesus (1-22-12).wma Suffering For Jesus (1-22-12).wma
Size : 18486.649 Kb
Type : wma

 Part 16: "The Universal Church"

Presented On January 29, 2012

Acts 10
The Universal Church (1-29-12).wma The Universal Church (1-29-12).wma
Size : 28760.155 Kb
Type : wma

"To Whom Much Is Given"

Sunday Morning Sermon on Stewardship from Luke 12:48

January 29, 2012

To Whom Much Is Given (1-29-12).wma To Whom Much Is Given (1-29-12).wma
Size : 19319.755 Kb
Type : wma

"A Pastor's Praise"

This sermon was given by Pastor Mike on the day he was ordained at his father's church,  Mountain View Baptist Church. It is a sermon based on 1 Timothy 1:12, his life's verse.

A Pastor's Praise (11-14-10).wma A Pastor's Praise (11-14-10).wma
Size : 23064.343 Kb
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