Check out Pastor Mike's series encouraging believers in becoming true members of the New Testament Christian Church, and impacting the world as we were meant to: Without Fear, Without Compromise! What Church are you attending?!

Do you go to Church? Do you attend worship services? It's time Christians LIVED what they preached and praised! This study will challenge believers to see the word "Church" as an action verb. We will see what Church was to the first disciples, then see that it should be the same to contemporary disciples. So if your fed up with dead "Churchianity," get fired up by the Word of God, and filled with the Spirit of God as we apply the principles of the Church of Acts to our church lives today!

The status-quo is no longer acceptable "for it is time to seek the Lord!"

The Church of Acts

Challenge yourself to be a committed member of the Spirit-filled,

Gospel Empowered Church of Acts, TODAY!