It is with great pleasure I present to you: The Ignatius Project

In 1998, as a freshman at Cal-State Fullerton, I began to study the Scriptures and Christian history in-depth. Soon I became aware of an Early Church Father by the name of Ignatius of Antioch. He had been a student of John the Apostle, and was a leader in the second generation Church.

Around AD 110 Ignatius was arrested and transported from Syrian Antioch to Rome, where he was destined to die a martyr's death. On his way to Rome, Ignatius penned these seven letters as his farewell and dying testament to six churches and his dear friend, Polycarp.

I was deeply touched by these letters then, and they still resonate with me today. To me they are a valuable tool in understanding the pitfalls so often encountered by second-generation Christians. I believe these letters contain much needed advice and address many of the concerns faced by the modern Church.

The following edition of the Seven Letters of Ignatius is based on the 1693 translation work of William Wake, and has been revised by myself since 2002. However, in the Letter to Smyrna this is only true for the first 7 1/2 verses; the majority has been taken from Cyril Richardson's 1935 translation. Such is the case for now, until I can revise it myself.

I pray these letters are a blessing to your life as they were to mine.

Pastor Mike
January 2013

3 Ignatius: The Letter to the Church at Tralles

Posted by Michael La Framboise on Friday, January 25, 2013
Chapter 1
FROM Ignatius. also known as Theophorus, to the holy Church of Tralles, in Asia: which is beloved of God, the Father of Jesus Christ; you are elect and worthy of our God, as you have received peace through the flesh, blood, and passion of Jesus Christ-- whose resurrection is our hope. I greet you in all your fullness, as you have continued in apostolic character, and I wish you all joy and happiness.

    2  I have heard of your blameless, patient, and inseparable mind; which is not only apparent in your outward conversation, but is naturally rooted and grounded within you.  3  This was declared to me by, Polybius, your bishop, when he came by the will of God and Jesus Christ to Smyrna. He rejoiced with me, a man in chains for Jesus Christ; and indeed I could see all your whole church through him.  4  Therefore as I received the
testimony of your love in God towards me; I found you, just as I knew I would: true followers of God.

    5  As you are subject to your bishop as to Jesus Christ, it is obvious to me that you do not live by the flesh, but according to Jesus Christ; the One who died for us, that believing in His death, you may escape death.  6  That is why it is necessary to continue as you are, doing nothing without your bishop. Also being subject to your presbytery, as to the Apostles of our Hope, Jesus Christ: for if you walk in Him, you will be found in
Him.  7  Furthermore, your deacons should go out of their way to serve you, as they are the ministers of the mysteries of Jesus Christ. They are not the ministers of food and drink, but of the Church of God. For this reason they must avoid all offences, as they would avoid fire.  8  In like manner, let us reverence the deacons as we would Jesus Christ; the bishop as we would the Father; and the presbytery as we would the Sanhedrin
of God, the council of the Apostles.  9  Without these there is no Church. Concerning this, I am convinced that you agree with me; as even now I have the pattern of your love revealed to me through your bishop.

    10  The very habits of your bishop are instructive; his mild manner, powerful: considering this, I am Certain that even atheists cannot but reverence him.

    11  However, because I love you, I will not write more sharply to you concerning these things, although I could.; rather I write in humility, lest as a condemned man, I would appear to exhort you as an Apostle.  12  I have learned many things about God; but I restrain myself, lest I die in my boasting.  13  For I have reason all the more to fear; rather than giving in to those things that would lift me up in pride.  14  In this I am
chastened by those who would praise me.  15  Indeed I desire to suffer/or Jesus, but I am not sure that I am worthy to do so.  16  Although others do not discern the danger of my pride, which in turn make it even more dangerous. It is this desire to suffer that I need to keep in moderation; for it is humility which destroys the Prince of this world.

    17  Am I not able to write you concerning heavenly things? But I am afraid that it would do more harm than good, since you are yet babes in Christ: (excuse me for being so careful.) perhaps you would not be able to comprehend the things of Heaven, and become choked by them.  18  Even as I am in chains, I am yet unable to completely understand heavenly things:  19  As for the places of angels, and their many companies,
under their respective princes; things visible and invisible; in these things I am yet a learner.  20  Indeed there are many things that we desire to know, that we would not come short in the knowledge of God.
Chapter 2
THEREFORE I exhort you, rather not I, but the love of Jesus Christ; that you would take heed only to Christian nourishment; abstaining from other kinds of pastures: In this I speak of heresy.  2  Heretics confound together the Doctrine of Jesus Christ with that of their own poison; appearing worthy of belief, considering their dignity.  3  They give a deadly potion mixed with sweet wine; and he that drinks of it, treacherously drinks the sweet pleasure of his own death.  4  In light of this, guard yourself against such people. Unless you are lifted up in pride, you will react in defense.

    Continue inseparable in Jesus Christ our God, in your bishop, and in the commands of the Apostles.  5  He that is in the altar is pure of heart, but he that is outside the altar, that is outside of the bishop, presbytery, and deacons, is not pure of heart.  6  Not that I know of any among you who are like this; but I aw preparing you, who I love, as I foresee the snares of the devil.

    7  For this reason as you put on meekness, renew your faith, this is the flesh of the Lord; and renew your love, this is the blood of Jesus Christ.  8  Let no one have anything against his neighbor. Give no occasion to the Gentiles; lest because of the deeds of a few thoughtless men, evil be spoken against the whole Church of God.  9  "Woe to the man who causes My Name to be blasphemed."

    10  Therefore, close your ears whenever you hear someone speaking contrary to Jesus Christ: the One who was of the race of David, born of the virgin Mary.  11  He was truly born and certainly ate and drank; He was truly persecuted under Pontius Pilate; He was truly crucified and dead; both those in Heaven and on Earth witnessed this.  12  He was also truly raised from the dead by His Father, just as the Father will raise us who believe in Him through Christ Jesus-- without Him we have no true life.  13  But if He only seemed to suffer, as the atheists or infidels claim (Themselves only seeming to exist.): Why then am I chained? Am I to die in vain? I will not speak falsely of the Lord.

    14  You must run from these evil plants which bear deadly fruit; for if anyone tastes of them, he will presently die.  15  These are not the plants of the Father; for if they were, they would appear as the branches of the Cross and their fruit would be incorruptible: by which He invites you through His passion, who belong to Him.  16  For the Head cannot be without its members; and God has promised us a union in Himself.

Chapter 3
I GREET you from Smyrna, together with the Churches of God which are present here with me; who have refreshed me in all things, both in the flesh and in the Spirit.

    2  My chains, which I carry for the sake of Christ (Praying to Him that I may attain to God.), exhort you to continue in one accord, and in prayer for one another.

    3  It is important that all of you, especially the presbyters, refresh the bishop, to the honor of the Father of Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

    4  I beg you in love, to listen to me; that I may not rise up in witness against you, by the things which I write.

    5  Pray for me; as I stand in the mercy of God, lam in need of your prayers: that I may be worthy of the portion which I am about to receive; that I would not be found worthless.

    6  Those in Ephesus and Smyrna greet you in love.

   Remember the Church of Syria in your prayers; from whence I am not worthy to be called, as I am one of the least among them.

    7  Farewell in Jesus Christ; be subject to your bishop as to the command of God, likewise to your presbytery.  8  To all: love your brother with an undivided heart.

   May my soul be your compensation, not only now, but when I have attained to God— however, I am still in danger.  9  But the Father is faithful in Jesus Christ, to fulfill both our petitions. In Him may you be found blameless.