Who's Right?

Posted by Michael A. La Framboise on Thursday, March 25, 2010 Under: Politics

In an interview on Monday with Sean Hannity on his daily Fox News Channel show, Sarah Palin was asked about her reaction to the recently passed House bill on health insurance reform. Their ten-minute exchange was a resounding right-wing rant decrying the supposed travesty of “Obama-care”; but I would like to key-in on a comment Palin made about a Pro-life Democrat, Rep. Bart Stupak, and the President’s compromise with him to gain his support for the bill.

Rep. Stupak and other Pro-life Democrats initially held back their support from the bill, fearing that federal funds would be allocated for abortions. Apparently President Obama promised to sign an executive order banning the federal funding of abortions, should the bill pass the House of Representatives and arrive on his desk after Senate approval.

The notion that Rep. Stupak could actually trust the President to keep his word was heavily mocked by Palin who jeered his naiveté saying, “[He’s] gotta rely on this executive order coming from the most pro-abortion president that America has ever seen!”

With “cross-shaped earrings” dangling to and fro, the former governor of Alaska slammed the President’s compromise on abortion with his Pro-life counterparts in the House of Representatives. What is this, the Twilight Zone?! I would imagine that fair-minded Christian conservatives should be thrilled at this surprising capitulation by the “Most Pro-abortion President” ever! Yet Palin’s intimation of doubt clearly suggested that this ultra-abortionist President would never actually keep his word about his incredulous executive order.

This sort of rhetoric simply saddens me. I would expect that an out-spoken Christian politician would at least take a wait-and-see approach before prematurely lambasting their opponent... now I guess I am in the Twilight Zone.

As it turns out, what was red-meat for right-wing political junkies on Monday is now nothing more than vain babble; because today, as he promised, President Obama, the “Most Pro-abortion President that America has ever seen” just signed an executive order restricting the federal funding of abortions. So now... who’s right, and who’s just right-wing?

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