Never Been to Heaven

Posted by Michael A La Framboise on Monday, May 31, 2010 Under: Poems
Though I've always wished I was a cool guitar player or a a rock'n roll drummer, I've never been able to gather enough coordination to actually fulfill those dreams. Be that as it may, I do like to write, and sometimes I'm even pretty good at it, or so I'm told. I'm certainly not some amazing lyicist, but I hope one day my Rock Star brother, Nathanael, will take his talents as a musician and put some music to these humble lyrics, even fixing up the words if need be. Until then, I hope this "song" adequately imparts some of the emotion in my heart, as it relates to my beloved Grandpa and our gracious Savior.

Never Been to Heaven

Though I’ve never been to Heaven

I’m not afraid of leaving here

I may be a stranger in Beulah Land

But I know someone over there

We’ll meet on that Beautiful Shore

He’s the one who shared the Lord

I know Heaven’s down the road

And Grandpa’s waiting there I know

I never fear my last day here

I know who’s waiting for me there

At Heaven’s Gates, we’ll there embrace

That familiar voice, his long lost face

Through the Valley’s final mile

I’ll once again see Grandpa’s smile

I’ve never been to Heaven

But the old, old book promised him a place

Grandpa always preached that Amazing Grace

‘Round the throne we’ll sing together

And he’ll introduce me to another

To the One we both call Savior

The Lord Jesus I shall meet

When again my Grandpa I shall see

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