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Posted by Michael A. La Framboise on Friday, September 16, 2011, In : Poems 

Posted on the Homepage on September 10, 2011 to commemorate the Tenth Anniversary Memorial of September 11, 2001.


Remember, Remember, Remember...

Our Country's Solemn Charge

When Her People tremble in wonder

While Her Flag is lowered and somber

"Remember the Alamo!" was Her cry

Over many who fought and died

"Remember the Alamo!" was the prayer near and far

As Texas bled 'neath one Lone Star

"Remember Pearl Harbor!" was Her plea

In Waking the Giant from its sleep

"Remember Pearl Harbor" from ...

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Suspect: Hypocrite

Posted by Michael A. La Framboise on Monday, January 10, 2011, In : Poems 

Consider your ways”, says the Preacher

As he stands behind his pulpit

With his finger does he find the creature

There he is: Suspect Hypocrite!

Consider My ways”, says the Lord

Can I no longer hide my crimes?

I fear the Justice of His Court

How will I ever pay the fines?!

Considering my ways of sin and secrecy;

Considering my days as a wandering stray;

Is there a place in Your Grace for me?

Let Mercy find my confession I Pray

Consider His ways”, says the Si...

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Just Another Christmas

Posted by Michael A. La Framboise on Sunday, December 12, 2010, In : Poems 
The air is sharp and chilled
Tho’ not because it’s cold
The days are short and filled
Tho’ not with joys of old
It’s just another Christmas without Grandpa

He used to read a story to us
In person, or on the phone
T’was The Night Before Christmas
I can still hear his baritone
It’s just another Christmas without Grandpa

He would read the Old, Old Story
As we gathered ‘round and settled in
Every year on Christmas morning
From his Bible he’d begin
It’s just another Christmas w...
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Never Been to Heaven

Posted by Michael A La Framboise on Monday, May 31, 2010, In : Poems 
Though I've always wished I was a cool guitar player or a a rock'n roll drummer, I've never been able to gather enough coordination to actually fulfill those dreams. Be that as it may, I do like to write, and sometimes I'm even pretty good at it, or so I'm told. I'm certainly not some amazing lyicist, but I hope one day my Rock Star brother, Nathanael, will take his talents as a musician and put some music to these humble lyrics, even fixing up the words if need be. Until then, I hope this "s...
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Is This the Way-- I Pray!

Posted by Michael A La Frambooise on Monday, May 31, 2010, In : Poems 

Is this the Way-- I Pray!

I long to know my End

To make the Right decision.

Failure seems to

You Know it too--

It holds my triumphs Hostage!

March on, Fight again-- Slowly...

My head Down, my hands Reaching,

Sometimes Blind, barely Breathing--

Faith Taunts me-- Hear It?

“When you look back, then--

You’ll know The End”

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Alicia's Poem

Posted by Michael A. La Framboise on Sunday, August 23, 2009, In : Poems 

While attending Biola University I had the priviledge of making the acquaintance of a woman named Alicia. During one of our class sessions in the Summer of 2009 she shared this poem which deeply blessed me, and perhaps it will bless you too.

Alicia’s Poem

A Journey for the search of truth I've begun,

Unsure of how I'll get there but I'm sure I won't run.

After years of rebellion and searching in the dark,

I have experienced He who can heal my heart.

Was blinded by frustration and an...

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