Alicia's Poem

Posted by Michael A. La Framboise on Sunday, August 23, 2009 Under: Poems

While attending Biola University I had the priviledge of making the acquaintance of a woman named Alicia. During one of our class sessions in the Summer of 2009 she shared this poem which deeply blessed me, and perhaps it will bless you too.

Alicia’s Poem

A Journey for the search of truth I've begun,

Unsure of how I'll get there but I'm sure I won't run.

After years of rebellion and searching in the dark,

I have experienced He who can heal my heart.

Was blinded by frustration and anger inside,

But as I opened my heart, so opened my eyes.

No longer will I hide or put up a fight,

For I know how to trust in His love, grace and might!

Body and soul, I'm willing to surrender,

In order to burrow in His sweet surrender.

Finally knowing truth, I'm beginning to see...

His Spirit and Will I want to work through me.

Through Him I've been blessed and know all can be done,

And I'm anxious to see just what my life will become...

Alicia Marie Martinez

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