Just Another Christmas

Posted by Michael A. La Framboise on Sunday, December 12, 2010 Under: Poems
The air is sharp and chilled
Tho’ not because it’s cold
The days are short and filled
Tho’ not with joys of old
It’s just another Christmas without Grandpa

He used to read a story to us
In person, or on the phone
T’was The Night Before Christmas
I can still hear his baritone
It’s just another Christmas without Grandpa

He would read the Old, Old Story
As we gathered ‘round and settled in
Every year on Christmas morning
From his Bible he’d begin
It’s just another Christmas without Grandpa

One year will be the last
I wonder if he knows it?
Heaven let that trumpet blast
And Holy Spirit let me hear it:
"Only one more Christmas without Grandpa"

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Tags: grandpa  christmas  heaven 
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